Technology Areas

1.Low cost Mega Green Electricity generation.

  • Hybrid Prime mover systems.
  • Zero emission power plants.
  • Conversion of thermal & nuclear prime movers.
  • Base load and peak load options
  • Flexibility of sites
  • Unlimited capacity augument abilities.
  • Lowest capital, operation and power costs
  • Shortest conversion, gestation periods
  • Long term workability
  • Fare well to power crisis & current cuts
  • Zero emissions in the power generation industry.

2.water management.

  • Water treatment systems.
  • Mass water transport systems.
  • Protection of water resources
  • Strategic rain / flood water retension & diversions.
  • Desolation and fresh water reception systems.
  • Water conservation & replacement.
  • Effective water distribution for sustainability.

3.Carbon abatement strategies

  • Carbon abatement by low cost green electricity applied substitutions in power
  • generation, heat energy & utilities.

4.pollution prevention.

  • Combating Air, Water, Nuclear, Noise and Land, Pollutions by non heat based technologies, minimizing carbon emissioris environmentaly sound technologies.

5.Low carbon transport systems (surface & Marine)

  • Surface  :  Electric vehicles.
  • Marine   :  Hybrid Prime movers for marine vessels – new class and conversion of Existing vessels

6.Cleaner Production energy utilities.

  • Electricity based adoptions, water conservations and carbon abatement in energy utilities.

7.Waste conversions.

  • Conservations of plastic & hard wastes.

8.Energy efficiency

  • Fire wood abatment, clean electricity adoptions by hybrid systems and energy efficient buildings.

9.Sustainable materials

  • Renewable and sustainable building materials and consumables.

10.Unique Technology Advantages

  • Sound basis of technologies related to power, clean energy, water, low carbon transport systems,
    cleaner production and waste conversions.
  • Scientifically tested and proven.
  • Environmentally sound cleaner technologies.
  • Cost effectiveness (capital, operational and delivery) and long term workability.
  • Convincing, acceptable and easy to adapt technologies.
  • Zero carbon emission scope.
  • Abatement of fossil fuel dependencies
  • Retrofittable to existing power plants and other operational systems.
  • Suited for developed, developing, gulf, island countries irrespective of geographical constrains.
  • Promising master technologies, meeting all tough demands of sustainable development.
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