1. Ensuring viability of Low Cost Green Electric Power by technology invention,
  1. Ensuring salvations to water related issues like water conservation, rain water restoration, flood control and diversions to draught prone areas by strategic water  transportation technologies,  best distribution, fresh water harvesting,  effective waste water treatments, safe discharges, recycling, improving existing water distributions for domestic, industrial, agricultural and best water management practices.

  2. Improving energy efficiency and cleaner production by viability of low cost green electricity,
  1. Development of Electricity applied transport systems (excepting aviation sector)
    of surface and marine  sectors,
  1. Major carbon abatement strategies being made feasible by viability of low cost green electricity in all
    major heat energy systems and utilities.
  1. Clearing deficiencies of the present renewable / alternate  energy systems,
  1. Retro fitting to existing heat based power plants by replacement of prime mover
    systems with cleaner hybrid systems.
  1. Ensuring all environmental safety compliances like zero carbon emissions, meeting stringent demands of sustainable development like cost effectiveness, non polluting, cleaner & greener scope, least capital intensiveness, retrofittability to existing power plants, universal applicability and flexibility to all geographical sites including Island countries, non burning of any matter for energy and many more novel features.


  • Facilitation of Sustainable Technologies for global adaptation and benefits.
  • Salvation of water related issues.
  • Impressing upon the global governments on strategic technologies and salvations of issues by adopting appropriate technologies related to electricity generation, energy efficiency, cleaner production, waste conversions & management and  low carbon transport  systems(surface & marine).
  • Protection of the planet’s environmental interests by involvement of all collaborators.
  • Towards taking global leadership in promotion, dissemination of environmentally sound technologies.
  • Substituting fossil fuels consumption by clean electricity in all possible applications.
  • Combating climate change issues by zero carbon emission technologies.
  •  Realization of goals of Agenda21.  
  • Volunteering towards technology dissemination without border discriminations.

Technology for global peace, prosperity and happiness.

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