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Ankha Kaizen Technologies is a private initiative environmental research and technology development laboratory, dedicated for global Sustainable Development, mainly focused on climate technologies. The action proceeds with the strong foundation of zero carbon electricity generation solutions.

Low cost green electricity generation technologies (capable of taking care of the global electricity demands and future augmentabilities at will) – retrofittable to existing thermal / nuclear power plants (by mere replacement with hybrid  prime mover systems, new class power plants at strategic sites suited for all geographies of the planet. The technologies hold a unique standing, having no relevance to the current - thermal, nuclear, bio mass, wind, tidal / wave, solar, hydrogen fuel, fuel cell, OTEC, geothermal sectors. Zero carbon emissions are the special feature of the technologies. Low cost clean electricity generation scope naturally leads to electricity based adaptations in domestic and industrial sectors. We extend our vision into clean energy utilities, energy efficiency, clean production technologies, carbon abatement in transport systems [surface and marine sectors]. Other developments are full fledged cleaner power / energy provision, zero emissions and environmental preservation. Well distributed water takes care of agricultural productivity, afforestation, promotion of agro based industries, potential markets, multitude of industrial economic and social developments. The allied additional technology portfolios are waste water treatment, water conservation & replacement, mass water transport systems including rain / flood water restoration, desalination and water harvesting.

Waste conversions and sustainable materials are also under our technology focus.

Creation of jobs means for livelihood, better standards of life, trade, business and self reliance.

The end result being sustainable development, manifesting all its cream benefits of clean environment, improved health, relieving humanity from uncertainties, a long awaited need.

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