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Growing population, improving life standards add to the increasing demands for resources, fuels, materials, energy and water. To full fill these demands, we use many technologies and systems. By the same time, due to the limitations of our technology and systems, presently total humanity is facing serious threatening as Environmental impacts, Air, Water, Nuclear, Atomic, Noise Pollutions, Deforestation, Loss of biodiversity, Waste menaces, the consequences of our unsustainable practices.

The current global level discussions revolve around the major theme of sustainable development, putting in environmental considerations in all activities & development. In spite of the worldwide awareness, the slow pace of global development and implementations are caused by the fact of non availability of sustainable technological solutions.

Few of such demands of sustainability are,

  1. Cost effectiveness – capital, operational and out put costs.
  2. Convertibility & Retrofittability to existing systems without losing total value.
  3. Should cause no environmental consequences.
  4. Minimize resources consumption and emissions
  5. Should be renewable
  6. Replicable to all geographies of the planet.
  7. Long term workability.
  8. Scope of global acceptance.
  9. Workable feasibility.
  10. Reliable in nature.

Note: Clean planet Technology Initiatives for Sustainable Development is a
             global action to foster sustainable technologies to combat climate change.

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